Berit Zalbertus, a born Düsseldorfer, knew since the very beginning what she wanted: to trade and to negotiate, to communicate and to get to know new people and experience different cultures.

This aim made her a Procurement Manager of the fashion and mail order industry, working for companies like the Otto Group, with excellent knowledge of the purchasing markets in Asia, the US and Europe.

In 2001, her proven instinct for prosperous new projects, lead her to the teleshopping channel QVC. There she stood for the successful development and launching of new women’s apparel brands in a distribution channel which by then was new and revolutionary in Germany.

Trading and negotiating, communicating, finding and developing new markets; these are the determining issues of her career. As the Managing Director of BZ Consulting GmbH she is involved in the development of cutting-edge ideas for the media industry. Furthermore she is a requested consultant supporting her clients in designing their personal & professional brands.