Nobody can elude the moving image.

Television is orientating and balancing, it communicates messages faster, more precisely and even more emotionally than any other medium. It influences our ways of thinking, feeling and acting, and even our daily social communication and interaction. Television makes people laugh or cry, makes soccer fans cheer or swear and customers buy or refuse.

Exactly this kind of knowledge we want to use.

Always and everywhere, every day and in everything we do, there is just one criterium we don't lose sight of - to achieve a strong effect. We all know: You never get a second chance to make the first impression.

The conclusion for BZ-Consulting is: Everything MUST fit. Always and everywhere.

The services we provide to our customers range from consulting local and national TV- stations to developing TV-formats and broadcasting concepts. Furthermore we create contents for programmes and provide trainings for employees, as well as human resource management and cost cutting techniques. We develop and create profit models and manage to find commercial partners and sponsors.